Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Week of Crafting

  1. Finish making lime vodka (birthday present for lime crazy friend)
  2. Bake for Mothers day
  3. Make more of the hexagon Patchwork 
  4. Use Hexi Puffs to make seat pads
  5. Have a go at free motion embroidery
  6. Make progress on socks for beloved
  7. Make progress on shawl
  8. Recycle old sheets into knitted/crocheted stuff
Well my week off was quite productive. I decided to have a go at some of the flower patterns in  a book I got for Christmas and made some cute roses, hopefully one day I'll have enough for a bouquet. This wasn't on the list of things to do but who cares, I had fun :)

The lime vodka went very well. The recipe yielded a lot more than I had anticipated so I had to get a bigger jar but it all worked out very well. I had enough for the birthday girl, some for my mum and a little bit for myself. It was so yummy on it's own and went down very well with lemonade.

I had a go at felted soap as we were talking about it at the craft fair. I don't think I'll be trying it again. I takes quite a bit of effort to get the wool to felt around the soap and I didn't really experience any benefit of having wool around my soap. But you've got to try these things..
I finished a commission this week for a crocheted iPad mini case. I used chunky yarn and a 5mm hook so it will nice and thick and keep the iPad lovely and safe.

 I made big progress on the hexagon patchwork. I sewed so much I had a dent in my thumb. I have a lot left to do but it was great to get a bunch done a see it coming together. I laid it all out to get an idea of how big it will be when it's done and I'd like it to be a little bigger so I'm thinking about ways I can add a border.

And finally, it may not look like much but I have made some progress on the socks for beloved. The knit two at a time method is a little complex but it will be a relief that when I finish one sock I don't have to start on another. Progress is slow as it's 4ply yarn on 2.5mm needles but they will get finished one day, hopefully...

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