Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blog Makeover

Just so y'all don't get confused, I have changed the name, address, design etc of the blog as A Crochet Ninja was set up a long time ago and I find myself blogging about more than just crochet now a days. I hope you like the change. I feel the new name is more accurate to what I do :)


Yay, I knew I could do it. I'm so glad it's all done. True I still have tonnes of wrapping to do but it seems a small task after the almost 30 projects I have made. So the last few projects worked up nicely. I made a disguise kit with felt and elastic to make some hilarious beards and mustaches. I feel the parents will be using it more than the kids though.

For my nieces I knitted some cute fingerless gloves. I used the Jazz Fingers by Misty Wade from Ravelry. I ended up using the 1 year old size as the larger size fitted me. That's what I get for not checking the gauge. I crocheted some flower to decorate them and added some beads for extra glam.

And the last project was this crocheted abomination. It is for a friend who drew a picture of a monster and I did my best to make it into an Amigurumi. (note the empty bottle of wine in the background, I was celebrating the end of the Christmas Craft)

So there is lots of craft that  have been considering now the marathon is done. I did whip up a few hexipuffs and I think I might attempt doing a few with pictures in them, just for something different. I am looking forward to getting some progress done on the hexagon patchwork. This is it so far...
and I've been looking at options for how I will quilt it and I think machine quilting  diamond pattern is the best for me. I did get a little excited and started making hexagons for a cushion as well. I like to arrange it in a rainbow as I love rainbows. This is my hexagon kit so far :)
Well I hope you have enjoyed my crafty rantings

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The end IS in sight!

After my very pessimistic last update I have made some considerable progress with the Christmas craft and I am now into single figures of projects left to be made. I am very happy about this and I can't wait to get back to work on projects for me once it's all done. So the completed projects for this week are...

This lovely crocheted cowl I have made for my sister in law. The yarn is a lovely chunky merino. Merino is defiantly in the top 5 of Maggie's favorite fibers. Its so very soft and warm and the pattern is just a simple dc1, ch1 around then on the next round you dc1 into the 1 ch space.
 I had some of this lovely merino left over so I knitted a headband/ear warmer. The pattern is the Blue Leaf Headband from Ravelry bAdrienne Krey. It knits up pretty quickly and looks awesome. I don't want to take it off the dummy because it looks so good. it's a shame it doesn't suit me.

I also made up some chocolate sugar scrub for bath sets that I have made for a few people. Yesterday I finished a reusable lunch set with leopard print sandwich wrap and snack bag, very glam.

Well hopefully next week I will be able to announce tat all of the Christmas craft is done *fingers crossed*