Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Oooh Stuff!

Wow, I just discovered the stats thing on blogger. Its so cool, I can see what are the most popular page views, what times of the day get the most views and where most of my page views are coming from. Apparently there are a lot of crocheters in Canada closely followed by the UK and US. Very cool.

I was on craftster a few days ago and saw a post that had so much awesome stuff in it I had to share it with you all http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=357391.0 As you know I am all about monsters and I need an apple cozy in my life.

I went to Salisbury over the bank holiday weekend to see my lady friends. While with the ladies I decided that this time next year I will be starting to write my crochet book. I went to visit a Castle where a part of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves  was filmed and bought my boyfriend and awesome wooden sword to make up for him not being there. On the long journey home I managed to get loads of crocheting done. I am surprised at home many double takes I get if I crochet in public, or people who will just sit and stare at me. Dose that happen to you?

Anyway, lots of work to do tonight. just one week until my first published pattern is released.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Maggies got a brand new bag!


So I got the bag done, and not being an epic sewer the lining took a while but I think it looks pretty good. I took it for a test drive in work and was very pleased.

I designed it to be the ultimate crochet kit bag and it works pretty well. I don't like taking my wooden hooks out and about after the tragic Brittany hook break of earlier this year so I treated myself to some nice metal ones from eBay and made them a nice sleeping bag to stay in. I love lining bags. it makes them look so nice and professional looking.

I'm starting the Christmas craft early this year as there is no way I'm being caught short and having to put everything on my credit card again. I'm going to do more than just crochet to, so I've been collecting loads of tutorials for gift ideas. I got my first one done last night. I made a hello kitty candle, join the Christmas Craft Club on facebook and you can see what we are up to.

And finally. Writing for the magazine, Inside Crochet is very exciting. My first published pattern will be out in the begining of September. I can't wait to see it. I just wish I could do something like that full time. At least it is a foot in the door for when I am ready to publish my own book. ou never know I might even have crochet groupies, haha!

Well i plan to be more frequent with my posts now so you should be hearing from me soon

Monday, 16 August 2010

Hey, Long time no Blog

Hey Guys.

So I admit I have been letting the blog fall by the way side while I've been working for the magazine but it has been paying off as I now have a pattern in every issue up untill January 2011. My first pattern will be out at the begining of September, if you are in the UK you can get it from WHSmith, it's called Inside Crochet. Or if you are outside the UK you can download the magazine here.

So my first pattern the wanted hair accesories, I'm not sure what they were expecting but they were surprized when I sent them this:

And here it is on the back page of this months issue as a pre-view

Its so exciting to see my work in print and the best bit is that they send me the most awesome yarn to work with. Stuff that I could never afford to buy for myself for every project.

So lets talk about new projects. For a while I've been wanting to have the ultimate crochet bag, Somewhere to take my projects out of the house in and have a crochet hook holder in it. I was going to but a canvas satchel then I thought "what am I doing, I can make a bag!" So I am.  I took inspirartion from this crochet satchel. I've started crocheting the main body in basket weave and I have some awesome fabric to line it with. I hope to get it done really soon so I can meet the deadline for my next project submission. I'll have photos to how it off soon.

Well its been great to blog again.
It hopefully wont be as long till my next post