Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Happy Days

Feeling very proud of myself today, I was browsing around on craftster this morning and I noticed that some one has used my Elmo pattern, Yay! I was confused when I read the post because she said she got the pattern from Ravelry and I thought “hang on, I didn’t post him on ravelry” so I checked it out. Turns out that the lovely people at ravelry have linked my blog to their pattern archive, how cool is that! My plans for crochet domination are coming together very well.

I’ve been pretty lazy though, I had grand plans to make many things but my two second attention span seems to be my down fall. I’m waiting for another one of those inspiring moments when I say “that’s really cool, I’m going to make that” just like how Abby was created. Roxy craft has been pretty inspiring, I love the monsters and things that they have, it takes a special imagination to think up those guys 

I’ve been working on getting rid of my yarn stash at the moment, I’ve promised myself that I wont buy anymore wool until a considerable dent has been made, I’m doing pretty well, I’m making a star blanket for my God-Daughter and using up all the girly colours I’ve got, it’s getting pretty big now. I am suffering yarn lust at the moment, a wool shop in town has this stunning chunky wool on special offer, I want it so bad but my new years resolution is to only buy yarn if I have a project in mind for it and of course to use up some of my stash.

I must admit I have been to the dark side, I’ve been knitting! It’s so much more frustrating than crochet. I was making a cabled cushion cover and dropped a stitch. I ended up frogging the entire thing because as soon as I picked up one stitch I dropped another! Gah!

Ahh it feels good to have a yarn rant.