Tuesday, 14 December 2010


What a wonderful surprise this afternoon to log in and see that I have 200 of you lovely people wanting to see what I'm up to :) I feel so special.
I really want to celebrate now but I have derby practice tonight and work tomorrow and as I have learnt from experience drinking and skating is a dangerous combo, ha ha!

Well the Christmas crafting is coming along but is starting to drag like a dog with no legs. I have about 8 projects left to make and 11 day s till Christmas, will I get it done in time?

My mum has been dropping hints for a while that she would like a light weight shawl to take on holiday so I made her the sweet pea shawl from The Happy Hooker

I love the yarn for this shawl, Reflections, its nice and light weight with a metallic thread running through it to make it glitter in the light, also 100g of this yarn has over 200meters in it, more that enough to do this shawl. i have made this pattern 8 times now and i am currently on my 9th for my grans Christmas present. What can I say, it's a really good pattern.

I have redesigned the Kitty Hooded Scarf now with extra paws:

I'm sure I'll get round to writing up the pattern at some point and then we can have a beginners and intermediate pattern :)

In a moment of madness I decided to organise my yarn stash:
I took ages but it was worth it as it saved me buying more yarn that I didn't need and sort some of it into future projects, though trying to organise it into categories was confusing.

Right I have yet more projects to get done!