Friday, 14 September 2012


Hello Friends,

Well I have been a busy crafty bunny on my week off. Its nice to start a new project and have the time to really make some headway in getting it done.

I've started working on a fusion blanket, The squares are from a moda charm pack that I have sewn together, I then did a blanket stitch around the edge then crocheted into the blanket stitch. Once I joined them all together I just crocheted around in a granny square style. I'm going to keep going until the yellow yarn runs out then possible add a few flowers:

This project is going to be for my mum's Christmas present, quite pleased that I am getting started on the Christmas craft already.

So with my time off I have been getting re-acquainted with my sewing machine. I have realised now that my machine is very sensitive so I have to change the needle regularly for different types of fabric, otherwise the tension goes all wrong and I get angry.

So in the process of getting re-acquainted I have been whipping up these super cute hand warmers:
I have made a whole bunch to sell on Maggie Makes Stuff they are £4 for a pair and are filled with wheat. All you have to do is pop them in the microwave for 30-45 seconds on full power and "bing!" you have toasty warms hands. They are small enough to keep inside your gloves and I have even made some in manly fabric so the guys can be toast warm too.

Take a browse, I hope you like them.

And on a final note, the Hexipuff total now stands at 45!
After laying them all out I have realised I will need at least 100 to make anything of use, but I'll keep at it and see where this takes me.

Well I hope you are all well, Thanks for reading and keep crafting :)