Saturday 15 January 2011

Cookie Monster Pattern

He is complete!

Its been a long time coming but I have finally gotten round to re-making cookie monster and writing up the pattern and I'd just like to say now that I never want to crochet with eyelash yarn every again. Night mare!

Anyway I am pretty pleased with the way he turned out, he is smaller than the last cookie monster but I feel that the mouth turned out better this time, The dec rounds on the body are a bit rough but as long as he is
getting smaller at that part thats all you need to worry about.

You will need:

150g of Stylecraft Eskimo Double Knit Blue eyelash yarn
Small amounts of white and black DK
10mm safety eyes
3.5mm hook
Stitch marker
Fibre Fill to stuff and a needle to sew

NOTE: this is an intermediate to advanced pattern, if you are having problems check the comments below the pattern as the answer may be there or there is always Google.

Mouth Black (make 2)
R1: 4sc in ring, ch 1 turn
R2: inc in every st, ch 1 turn (8sc)
R3: sc in first, inc in next, rep (12sc)
R4: sc in next 2, inc in next, rep (16sc)
R5: sc in next 3, inc in next, rep (20sc)
R6: sc in next 4, inc in next, rep (24sc)
R7: sc in next 5, inc in next, rep (28sc)
Sc along straight edge
Attach blue fuzzy yarn and sc around curved edge, sew flat edges together

Head and Body
6sc in ring
R2:inc in every st around (12sc)
R3: ssc in first, inc in next, rep around (18sc)
R4sc in first 2, inc n next, rep around (24sc)
R5:sc in first 3, inc in next, rep around (30sc)
R6: sc in first 4, inc in next, rep around (36sc)
R7:sc in first 5, inc in next, rep around (42sc)
R8: sc in first 6, inc in next, rep around (48sc)
R9: sc in first7, inc in next, rep around (54sc)
R10: sc in first8, inc in next, rep around (60sc)
R11-16 sc around
R17: sc in first 5, ch 25, skip next 25 sts, sc in next 30 to end (35sc 25ch)
(The chain creates a gap in the head for you to sew the mouth onto, on the next round you single crochet onto this chain and continue with the rest of the head and body. You sew the mouth in after you have completed the body.)
R18: sc in first 5, sc 25times on chain, sc in last 30 to end (60sc)
R19 sc in first 4, dec in next, rep 4 more times, sc to end (55sc)
R20: sc in first 3, dec in next, rep 5 more times, sc to end (54sc)
R21: sc in first 2, dec in next, rep 6 more times, sc to end (47sc)
R22: sc in first 6, dec in next, *sc in next, dec, rep from * 4 more times, sc to end (41sc)
R23-28: sc around
Sew in mouth segments with blue fuzzy yarn

R29: sc in next 4, inc in next, rep 3 more times, sc to end (45sc)
R30: sc in next 4, inc in next, rep 3 more times, sc to end (49sc)
R31: sc around
R32: sc in next 4, inc in next, rep 3 more times, sc to end (53sc)
R33: sc around
R34: sc in next 4, inc in next, rep 4 more times, sc to end (58sc)
R35-50: sc around
R51: sc in first 3, dec in next, rep 9 more times, sc in last few stitches
Stuff as you are going along
R52: sc in first 2, dec in next, rep 9 more times,
R53:sc in first, dec in next, rep around
Dec until closed

Eyes (make 2)
R1: 6sc in ring
R2: inc in every st around
R3-5 sc around insert safety eye
R6:Dec and stuff until closed, FO leave tail to sew

R1: 6sc in ring
R2:inc in every st around (12sc)
R3: sc in first, inc in next rep around (18sc)
R4: sc in first 2, inc in next, rep around (24sc)
R5: sc in first 3, inc in next, rep around (30sc)
R6: sc in first 4, inc in next, rep around (36sc)
R7-10 sc around
R11: sc in first 4, dec in next, rep around (30sc)
R12:sc in first 3, dec in next, rep around (24sc)
R13: sc around
R14: sc around, dec randomly 4 times (20sc)
R15-22 Stuff
FO leave tail to sew

Legs (make 2)
R1: 6sc in ring
R2: inc in every st around (12sc)
R3: sc in first, inc in next, rep around (18sc)
R4:sc in first 2, inc in next, rep around (24sc)
R5: sc in first 3, inc in next, rep around (30sc)
R6: sc in first 4, inc in next, rep around (36sc)
R7: sc in first 5, inc in next, rep around (42sc)
R8-11 sc around
R12: sc in first 8, dec 8 times, sc to end (34sc)
R13: sc in net 6, dec 8 times, sc to end (26sc)
R14-24 Stuff

FO leave tail to sew
Sew body parts where they should go and enjoy


  1. So, so cute but I'm with you on eyelash yarn all the way!!!!

  2. This pattern is too cute. I am totally loving the cookie monster. I must say again, you are extremely talented. Thank you for sharing your creations. I shall now go and click on relevant google ads as a means to show my appreciation.
    Sat Nam, **(-_-)**

  3. Namaste- Thank you Piper that is very thoughtful of you :)

  4. Great job! I agree with you about the yarn though. I would never attempt it.

  5. Just an FYI. When working with Eyelash or Fun Fur,if you carry a stabalizing yarn(I use sports yarn or baby yarn)with the specialty yarn, it's alot easier to work with. I make animal purses and when I do cats, dogs or bunnies I use the 2 together and I haven't lost my sanity yet. (No, you can't ask my husband)LOL.

  6. I just realized that there's no pattern posted for Rnd 11-16 of the body & head. The rows aree listed; just nothing postecd beside it???

  7. Thank you mdancer, all fixed :)

  8. so cute!! but do you think you could write the extended word of the sc and dec and inc and the other abbreviations? cus i dont understand them :)

  9. Hi Oda M,

    I have added links to abbreviations on the side bar of the blog :)

  10. So supercute! Cookiemonster is my absolute favorite in Sesam so I had to try it for myself and it turned out pretty good :) You can se my result on my blogg

    I write in swedish but atleast you can see the piture :)

    Now I HAVE to make Elmo too!


  11. Very cute, I hope to try this pattern soon.

  12. Wow! Amazing! You have way more patience than I do, but the result is gorgeous!!!! Great job!

  13. That is adorable! Now all I can think of is "cookies". I think my husband would like this, but I'll say I'm making it for the toddler!

  14. Hello! Very cute Cookie Monster!! Just a about crocheting a little brown "cookie" circle with perhaps "chocolate chip" buttons and put it in his mouth?! Have fun!

  15. Adorable - grandkids and greatgrands will LOVE him
    One question: for arms R 15-22 and legs R 14-24 is that sc around or dec to end?
    With eyelash, it is difficult to see which.

  16. What is difficult about working with eyelash yarn? Is it because you can not see the prior stitches as you crochet around each round. I have never crochet with eyelash yarn. Please help me to understand. Thank you

    P. S. You did a great job on Cookie Monster

  17. Hi Anonymous
    Eyelash is difficult because the feathery part can hide the stitch location.

    Seeing where the next stitch is can be confusing and keeping count of stitches takes MUCH persistence.

    Eyelash is not for the novice - I always suggest a very light very smooth yarn for beginners.

    On the other hand, once an eyelash piece is completed, NO ONE can see if you added an increase or decrease out of order from the pattern. Hope this helps
    Can you help with the problem with Arm Rows 15-22 +Leg Rows 14-24?

  18. This is just too cute. I'm going to try what mdander said and use a stabilizer yarn with the eyelash yarn. Don't know when I'll try it, but I will. Cookie is just too cute.

  19. Your pattern is simply adorable! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
    I have a question; I can't seem to find simple eyelash yarn in stores. I did find fun fur yarn, could this work for the pattern?

  20. It is people like you, who posts your wonderful patterns on-line for free, who make life just a little bitter sweeter. Thank you so much for the adorable patterns. I definitely will make Elmo and Cookie Monster for my little nieces.

  21. I am doing this cookie monster, but I am using the loop stitch, then cutting the loop stitch and brushing hin out with a comb or a round brush. I make bunnies, teddy bears, cats, dogs, using this technique, it comes out looking like they are made of fur. I am not clear on how to put the mouth on for cookie monster. Where do you attach it, and do you crochet blue on the top side of the black mouth after you sew the top and bottom mouth together??? Please help. I can" wait to get him done. I will send you a picture of mine. I just use worsted weight RedHeart yarn.

  22. Oh I have to try that technique, sound good,
    So the mouth will go in the gap made by r16, the last row you would have done on each mouth segment should be the blue colour so that when you sew it to the head you don't see the stitches. Just sew together the flat edges of the mouth segments then sew that into the gap in the head.

    Hope that helps

  23. Maggie, I don't know how to post a picture of your pattern Cookie Monster, done with the technique of the Loop stitch. Help

  24. Maggie, I made a blog??? Really don't know what I am doing, but I did post a picture of your pattern of the cookie monster with the loop stitch crochet technique. Can't wait to now do the Elmo using the same technique. Bog name is handmade crafts by Joyce

  25. I am so happy I found your blog!! I just love Cookie Monster, although I do not watch Sesame Street anymore, I assure you!! I am now one of your followers! ;D

  26. could you please help? on the mouth part it says to sc on straight edge? I don't know where the straight edge is.

  27. When you are making the black mouth segments you sc along the edge that is not curved. Hope that helps

  28. I am the one who asked the question about sc on the stright edge. What a dits I am. re-read your instructions and it was perfectly clear, for whatever reason I was connecting the rounds.. have been crocheting for50+ years, guess the old brain cells just were not clicking on time. It is a beautiful pattern thank you for sharing!

  29. Hi, My name is Beverly and I was wondering if you would be able to make 2 pink cookie monster for me and I will be able to compensate you for them. Please let me know thank you. Oh they are for my granddaughters first birthday in april. Thanks again

  30. I love this cookie monster!
    right now i just started to attempt it but
    im confused about how to mouth and head connect?

  31. OMG you are SO GOOD at this! yours looks SO COOL!!!! i just finished mine yesterday and he turned out awesome! i wish i knew how to attach a picture.... hrmmm..

  32. I have been trying to crochet this for my son for about 6 or 7 months now and I just can't seem to figure out the head and body! I am so frustrated! I hope someone can pleeeeeeeeese help me!!
    Wherever it says to sc around, exactly where do you stop? Such as R11-16 sc around - are you supposed to stop when you get to where you left off from the previous row, or do you bypass where you left off from R10 and keep going for a total of 60 sc for each row? It just doesn't make sense to me. I am on R38 so I still have a ways to go, but it's looking more and more like a light bulb than cookie monster's head and body!

  33. Hello??? Can anyone please help me??? I really wanted to finish this project!!!

  34. Hi, sorry I didn't get back sooner, I've been on holiday.
    I can explain it best if I break down the pattern format.

    The R at the beginning means round, each round is once around the circle that your are working in. You can use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round so you know where you started.
    The number at the end of each line of pattern, eg: (60sc) is the number of stitches on each round. so "R11-16: sc around" you will do 60 sc on each round.

    The final head and body should look like a monkey nut with a slit for the mouth to be sewn in. I hope that makes sense


  35. Hi, thanks for response! Actually, I'm further down (on R38), but it's just not coming out right! Aarrrrgh! I'd hate to redo it again, seeing as I ripped it out once already! It sounds like I'm doing it right, so I don't understand why his body isn't nice and fat like in your pic? Mine looks like it gets narrower and narrower the further down the body I get. It almost looks like I'm decreasing, but I don't start that til R51.

    The only thing I can think of is I'm using another yarn with it as a stabilizer. I don't think it would make a difference though, seeing as the head came out fine? Or maybe I should go way overboard with the stuffing on the body to get it alot fatter? You didn't have to do this with yours, did you?

    Sorry to be a pain - I fell in love with yours and am trying my hardest to get mine to look even a little bit like yours!