Sunday, 20 January 2013

Busy Busy Bee

This week I have been preparing for my first craft fair of the year! The craft fair is to raise money for my friend's charity 5 Mountains For 5 Years. Gareth has survived testicular cancer and for the 5 year anniversary he will climb 5 mountains. The craft fair is on the 3rd of February at Voodoo Lounge in Plymouth and I'm really looking forward to it. There will be lots of stall holders and if it goes well I hope that we will be doing it again. 

I have been busily building up stock to sell at the craft fair. I have been making a few of my tiny owls to sell and doing a few custom orders. They have sold really well at previous craft fairs so I'm going to make sure I have plenty for this one.

I finished the noro striped cowl and I love the colour changing effect of the yarn. I'm also pleased that where I joined it together the colours blend perfectly. I've had someone request a scarf version of this so I will need to keep my eye out for more noro yarn to make another.

I have also knitted up another of the blue leaf headbands as I had some of the merino yarn left over. The pattern knits up so quickly I may make a few more. I have some chunky green alpaca yarn in the stash to use that would look good so I may whip that up  little later.

I found and app called PicsArt that allows me to make collage photos (as above). I'm really pleased as this is exactly what I needed to show different angles of the same product in one picture. I also love that I can round off the corners. I don't know why but I just love that effect. You can do many things with this app but that is my favorite thing.

Well I will be off to Cardiff for a few days next week with work so I hope to get lots of crafting done on the journey up and while I'm at the hotel so there will be lots more to tell next week to.

TTFN and keep crafting :)

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