Sunday 20 March 2011

Hooded Scarf 2.0


As promised I have gotten round, at last, to writing the pattern for the intermediate hooded scarf. With this pattern the hood and the scarf are made seperatly then sewn together:

You will need:
Chunky yarn. I used Picasso Chunky
6.5mm hook
Needle to sew

R1: dc in 3rd chain from hook and in next 13ch, 5dc in next, dc along other side of foundation chain, ch 2 turn (33dc)

R2: dc in next 14,  *inc in next, dc, rep from * 3 times, dc in next 14, ch 2 turn (37dc)

R3: dc in first 14, inc in next, dc in next 2, inc in next 2 stitches, dc in next 2, inc, dc in next 14, ch 2, turn (40dc)

R4: dc in next 14, *inc, dc in next 2, rep from * 4 times, dc in remaining stitches. ch 2 turn (43dc)

R5: dc in next 14, *inc, dc in next 3, rep from * 5 times, dc in remaining stitches, ch 2 turn (49dc)

R6: dc in next 14, *inc, dc in next 3, rep from * 6 times, dc in remaining stitches, ch 2 turn (55dc)

R7: dc in first 14, * inc, dc in next 4, rep from * 6 times, dc in remaining stitches, ch 2 turn (61dc)

R8-15 dc in every stitch, ch 2 turn.

Optional edging:

I didn't write the patten for this bit but if you wanted to do the edging it roughly goes like this:

3 dc in 1st stitch, *skip 1,  3dc 2 chain, ss in first chain, 3dc in same space, rep from *

Make scarf to desired length and width, or even longer if you want to fold the ends up to make pockets :)

I hope you enjoy the pattern :)


  1. This is very pretty :) Thank you for posting the pattern..I will have to try this one :)

  2. That is absolutely lovely. Simply, chic, and looks oh so cozy!

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  4. wow I like this a lot :) I am deff going to be making this thank you for sharing how to do it :) am now following your blog

  5. i love this pattern, but i'm not understanding the edging, it doesnt look like you pictures when i do it.

  6. There seems to be no "scarf" pattern just the hood. The picot edging is very beautiful.

  7. This pattern doesn't work.

  8. It does work, brilliantly, you just have to follow it precisely and count.