Tuesday 12 October 2010

Conjoined Aliens Pattern

So this pattern has been a long time coming but I realised that in order to have crochet dominion over the world I need to put a little more effort in so I sat down with my lappy and cracked out this pattern.

Its been strange writing in the normal American format again as writing for the magazine I have to write in British terms, but I find the American terms make more sense.

I made this patter for my friends son for his birthday, I'm so glad he really liked it, though I got in trouble for giving him so many sweets for his birthday also. he was like a blur for the rest of the day.

Conjoined Aliens

You will need:
3mm hook
Stitch marker
100g of worsted weight yarn in a colour of your choice
A pair of 10mm and 5mm safety eyes
Fibre Fill
A needle to sew
Large part
R1: 6sc in ring
R2: inc in every st around (12sc)
R3: sc in first, inc in next, rep around (18sc)
R4: sc in first 2, inc in next, rep around (24sc)
R5: sc in first 3, inc in next, rep around (30sc)
R6: sc in first 4, inc in next, rep around (36sc)
R7: sc in first 5, inc in next, rep around (42sc)
R8: (ANTENNA ROUND) sc 3,* ch 6, ss in 2nd chain form hook and down the chain (5ss)(do this loosely to prevent curling) sc to join with rest of work* 5sc, rep form * the sc to end
R9-27: sc around, ss in next st, FO leave to one side.

Small Part

Rep large part until R17 DO NOT FO


With a safety pin or stitch marker join a stitch from each part where you would like them to join. SC around until you reach the join then sc into the other marked stitch to join them. Sc around and rep the join on the other side. Continue to sc around for 8 rounds finishing at the right hand corner when the work is facing you, when the piece is flat.
Add eyes and embroider mouths

The number of stitches you have at this point may vary so to make the feet take the number of stitches you have and % by 3. If it is a difficult number, like I had 89, inc to 90st to make it nice and even. Place marker, sc 15, count backwards from marker 15 sts and sc into that 15th st you counted and sc around to marker.so the first foot will have 30sc.
Sc around 2 more times

Dec round for feet
R1: sc in first 3, dec in next, rep around (24sc)
R2: sc in first 2, dec in next, rep round (18sc)
R3: sc in first, dec in next, rep around (12sc)
R4, Dec until closed, FO

Stuff as you are going along
Attach yarn to st next to first foot. Sc 15, count back 15 st on other side and join as you did for the first foot, sc around 2 more times and dec the same as first foot
Last foot, sc around in the remaining stitches for 3 rounds and dec the same as the other feet.

Hands (make 3)
R1: 6sc in ring
R2: sc around inc randomly twice (8sc)
R3-5: sc around, FO leave tail to sew

Sew the arms to the body and sew up any gaps that might be between the bodies or the feet. Experiment with different facial expressions for each hear and enjoy your freaky alien.


  1. Very cute and creative.


  2. great pattern, one i may definitely make though i totally agree with the american/ english separation in stitches, I'm from britain so surely i should go my english, but seriously american makes much more sense than the english..

  3. The American one does make more sense to me, and I'm British too. Although I first learn finger crochet from American youtubers, so maybe that's why. =]

    Lovely toy, I'm looking forward to trying it.