Thursday, 7 January 2010

Flying Heart Pattern

Hello there,

I have a little pattern here to share with you, I do hope you enjoy it. It's another really quick pattern and is around just in time for valentines day :)

Hanging HeartYou will need:
3.5mm hook
Red Yarn
White/Blue Yarn
Sewing needle

R1: 6sc in ring
R2: inc in each st, rep around (12sc)
R3: sc in first, inc in next, rep around (18sc)
R4-5 sc around
FO al leave to one side
Repeat same process, do not finish off.
R6: Join the two pieces with sc and sc around both (36sc) Sew gap if there is one.
R7: sc around
R8: dec twice at joins, (34sc)
R9: sc in first 3, dec in next, rep around (27sc)
R10: sc around
R11: sc in first 2, dec in next, rep around (20sc)
R12:sc around
R13 sc in first, dec in next rep around (13sc)
R14-15 sc around (stuff)
R16: dc around until closed

Wings (make 2)
Ch 19 (foundation chain), Sc9 along foundation chain,
Ch9, sc8 along ch, sc in foundation ch
Ch8, sc7 along ch, sc in foundation ch
Ch7, sc6 along ch, sc in foundation ch
Ch6, sc5 along ch, sc in foundation ch
Ch5, sc4 along ch, sc in last 4 of foundation chain

Sew along the “feathers” to make into a wing shape, and sew wings to heart, you may want to add wire to the wings so you can pose them. Enjoy


  1. That is really cute! Fun blog you have :-)

  2. A like it a like it! (Im jamaican!)

  3. How adorable this flying heart is... thanks for sharing your pattern. Have Happy Valentins Day.

  4. Luv all of you stuff!

  5. Selenity Hyperion31 March 2012 at 00:42

    That reminds me a bit of the show Sailor Moon and her locket nearing the end of the series. I wish I could find a pattern for the Sailor Scouts... I would make them, even if it took me years! :(

  6. That I should find this, today, after a friend said he wants a beanie with wings, and a heart...on it's way then :-)