Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Weekly Update

Greetings Friends,

Well I am pleased to say I have gotten some Christmas craft done this week. I have made four note book and diary sets. I got some plain books and used double sided tape to stick fabric to the books. They have turned out really well, now I want to make a set for myself.

So as I have been off for the week me and beloved took a trip to Totnes. It's a little market village in Devon mostly run by well meaning hippies. Despite the rain we had a great time. We got some delicious garlic and olive focaccia bread in the market and ate the entire loaf in one day! It was that good! We may have stank of garlic but damn we're we happy.

There are a few craft shops in Totnes now, some places that sell beautiful dress making fabric (but a little expensive for my taste) and I visited a lovely shop called the The Bead Room where I got some bits to make lovely necklace for myself.

I picked up the key from an antique shop on the high street. I have a thing for keys and I was really pleased as this one is very old and pretty.

During the week I felt the need to do a bit of patchwork and finally I added another row to the hexagon patchwork that I have been working on.

It was great to see some progress happen with this as it has been sat waiting for attention for some time now.  I know it will take a while to get it finished but the anticipation is a part of the fun.

And finally on the crafty makes for this week I whipped up a cover for the new net book. I had loads of this leopard print left from last years Christmas crafts and I knew I wanted it to look like a clutch so this is how it turned out.

Well that's all for this week. No stitch and bitch for this week as we are off to Bingo instead. Wish me luck :)

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