Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekly Update

Hello Friends,

I'm glad to say that the progress continues on the Christmas craft. I have planned to make sets of body scrubs with knitted wash cloths as gifts. I have the wash cloths all done and I plan to make the scrub closed to Christmas so that it keeps longer.

I have started knitting socks for some of the men in the family. I have been using this Chunky Sock Pattern that I found on Ravelry. I have knitted it up twice before to make socks for Beloved. It knits up really quickly and makes lovely thick socks. I am knitting with two strands of Aron held together so they are turning out very thick, but they will need to be for my brother's massive feet!

I'm looking forward to making this Princess Crown Pattern form Stitch 11 for my nieces, They love dressing up, I'm going to do matching tutus as well.

I have been very tempted by some TMNT themed crafts for beloved. This TMNT heads chart from ravelry looks great. I want to do it in Tunisian crochet as colour work looks really great in Tunisian crochet and I'm not so great at colour work in knititng.

Speaking of not being so great at knitting. The cardigan I was working on has turned out to be an epic fail. The sleeves fit fine but under the arm is way to baggy and the button band is to tight. Sigh! Well the plan is to pretend it didn't happen for a while then frog it when I find something else I want to use the yarn for.

Oh well, the ups and downs of crafting.

See you next week...

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  1. I'm so envious,you have started Christmas projects and I've only gotten as far as thinking about them. LOL