Monday, 1 October 2012

Yay Back To Updating Weekley

That's Right, I have a new little net book so I can finally get back to blogging on  regular basis. Still getting used to the smaller keyboard but it's shiny and purple and that makes everything better.

So in crafty news I went to the Library recently (because it's like book shopping for free) and picked up a bunch of knitting books to amuse myself with:

Knitting Vintage by Claire-Montgomerie  I am thinking about making the Lacy Collar from this. This book is lovely, the models are all stunning and not only does it have wonderful patterns but there is something to read about each era.

Evil Knits by Hannah Simpson Well I'm a fan of anything monster. I really like the monkey pattern in this book and there are lots of cool ideas for Halloween crafts and great present for people who are fans on horror movies.

Knitted Dinosaurs by Tina Barrett  these patterns are so cute and I love that they have been designed in bright child friendly colours. The book layout is great as well, with great pictures at the beginning of the book so you can see all of the patterns and it's educational as you can learn the names of the dinosaurs and facts about them.

Pints and Purls by Karida Collins and Libby Bruce This book has been designed for the social knitter and has lots of projects that are perfect for popping in you bag. I like the drinks rating as a guide for how difficult the patterns are and how much concentration is required. I am currently working on the Cherry Cordial Cardi. I had a hoody that I knitted about 3 years ago with some lovely alpaca yarn but sadly it was an awful fit and I only wore it about twice so instead of condemning it to death by moths I decided to frog it, wash the yarn and re-knit it into this cardi. The pattern knits up quite quickly as it is bulky yarn and I'm hoping to get it finished soon.

 This was the hoody before frogging...
....and this is the cardi work in progress. I hope it fits ok, its so hard to tell when its not finished but we will have to wait and see.

Well I hope that next weeks blog I will be able to tell you that I have gotten some on the Christmas craft started.

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