Thursday, 21 January 2010

More Yarn Bombing

I have discovered who the yarn bomber is in Plymouth (uk) a friend told me about Knitizen Kane on facebook and I was so chuffed when I saw all the pictured of things in Plymouth that have been knitted around. I’ve discovered 3 pieces myself and I’m looking forward to finding more:

Seeing these fuzzy fragments of knitting really fills me with joy. It’s a little colourful beacon of joviality in an otherwise dull day and to think that someone went to all that effort to put it there.

I’ve noticed on-line that it is a very love hate art form, some people think it’s a waste of time and can’t be very subversive and underground if everyone is doing it, but i have to say I love it and if everyone is doing it then that’s great, more people to share this wonderful hobby with, and of course the more crocheters in the world, he more people to buy my book when it’s done. I’m looking forward to adding my crochet contribution to the cause: softening the edges of the dull city of Plymouth.

The monster pattern is coming along well so it shouldn’t be long until I have some picture to share with you. I’m slightly annoyed that the kitty counter decided to reset itself, grr *shakes fist* as I had over 31 thousand hits, but never mind, let’s start from the beginning again,


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