Thursday, 28 January 2010

Crazy Days

So the last week has been totally crazy, I’ll be moving house next month so there may be some blog silence while we get internet sorted in the new place. I truly cannot wait to move in with my boyfriend, we’ve found a lovely place together :) I finished making my first monster but I took photos on the wrong camera so not sure if I can get said photos off the camera yet, then I gave the monster to a friend so I may have to re-make him and take more pics, at least this will give me a chance to check the pattern. I also finished knitting that awesome dress and wore it to a documentary interview about knitting graffiti, it was lots of fun, we put some knit graffiti on a tree next to the mall, hehe

Anyway this is a short one today, thankfully after next week I will no longer be working 6 days week so I can be human again. Huzzah!

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