Monday, 18 January 2010

All you need is Crochet!

Sigh! It’s not fair, I’m working 6days a week at the moment so I’m not finding a lot of time to crochet. Have started working on one of my monster patterns but my progress is pitiful, just can’t wait till I’ve got some time to sit down and get to work. I’ve been spending a bit of time sorting out roller derby stuff, checking out the skate park and organising a road trip to London to see a bout and I can’t wait!

I have heard rumour that there is a yarn bomber in Plymouth, people keep texting me and asking if I did it, hehe. I’m looking forward to finding some. I have previously done a bit of yarn bombing, its wonderful fun, I would recommend it to anyone who knits of crochets, you get some proper strange looks as you are sewing a patch of crochet to a lamp post :) these are my two pieces of yarn bombage:

I'm plannng to do a few more but outside yarn shops with a label for this blog attached, and also planning to post them to people all over the world so that i can be a global yarn bomber, hehe

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