Sunday, 25 November 2012

The end is not in sight

I'm starting to feel the pressure of the Christmas crafting. I think following Santa on twitter was not a good idea as he counts down the days to Christmas like he is taunting me. I still feel like I have so much to do, hopefully I can get a few things ticked off the list in the next week. I'm still working on the socks for my brother which I hope to get done tonight.

I finished knitting a cowl for a secret santa gift in work. The person I made this for looks really good in blue so I hope they like it. It was curling lots while a was knitting so I crocheted an edging but it still curled but thankfully after blocking it is nice and flat now.
So with all of this crafting for other people at the moment I have not had much time to make stuff for myself so instead I have been keeping a creative journal.
I have combined two journals that I had made to make one super journal. The cover is crocheted from banana silk, it has the most amazing sheen and is very soft and strong.

I've been having lots of fun doing what the hell  want on each page. It's so much more fun than just writing about what you have done each day, it's more like playing than journaling.

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