Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Christmas Craft Continues

Hello friends,

Well it's been very busy recently and shows no sign of slowing but at least there has been some progress.
I have finished some chunky knitted bags which turned out very well. My favorite is this striped one as it was a stash busting project and the stripes look pretty cool and makes me want to make other striped things.
I've also been knitting socks for the men folk in the family. Though for some stupid reason I have ended making socks for the men with the biggest feet, Sigh! Thankfully I have found a pattern that is very quick to knit. This pattern from corn flower blue studio uses aran/10ply yarn and as they are ankle socks they really don't take much time at all. They are a bit big for me but you get the idea.
Today I have been working with the sewing machine making presents for the kids. I love making crayon rolls. They are so easy and kids really love them. I have adapted this pattern from The Pleated Poppy to make it fit the chubby pencils I got. Despite falling out with the sewing machine over tension issues I am very pleased with how they turned out.
Well I hope you are enjoying the Christmas craft updates,


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