Saturday, 14 July 2012

Weekly Update

Hello Friends,

Well the Fox is now very well dressed with evening gown, cardigan, skirt and two pairs of shoes and off to it’s new loving owner. That little fox was very popular with the ladies at stitch and bitch, may have caused a bit of brooding.

Progress has halted on the hexagon patchwork due to inconsiderate people having birthdays, lol, but I hope to get some more of this done soon.

Hexipuffs: My begging for left over sock yarn has paid off. One of the lovely ladies at stitch and bitch gave me some sock yarn which has spurred me to get hexipuffing again. So far the total is up to 14. I'm going to take them away with me on a trip in August so I'll get loads more done then.

Crochet doily: I’m currently working on a doily in a rich purple crochet cotton. It is intended to be a Birthday present for a friend, I wasn't sure if she would like it though so ended up telling her what I was up to. Turns out she loves doilies. So glad I asked, saved me worrying about it. The pattern is from ravelry coffee table topper by Agnes Russell.

I mentioned ages ago working on a slouch hat with hearts on it, I think I am going to frog this one as I havn’t worked on it in ages and I’m sure the moths are having a feast on it so it’s best it gets ripped out and sealed in the yarn stash.

Journaling: I still currently have two pages for my creative journal but with being a busy bunny I have not had the time to make further pages though I have been pinning lots of beautiful pages for inspiration and making notes of ideas for the next pages.

So much craft, so little time. There are so many things on my crafty wish list at the moment;

Weaving, after my failed attempt at weaving a rug I have decided not to give up entirely on weaving, there have been a few tutorials on pintrest and cut out and keep for weaving with newspaper or magazines to make bowels etc and also an interesting technique for weaving a quilt out of flat strips of fabric, of course I cant try that until my god damn sewing machine gets fixed. I like this tutorial because of the unusual shape of the bowl it's made:

I have been wanting to do some fabric covered books or a while, I have a craft encyclopaedia that would look awesome covered and I could cover some diaries and note books and put them on Maggie makes stuff as matching sets with pretty button and ribbon details :)

Needle felting, for some reason I really want to try needle felting now. There are some really good beginner’s kits online like ebay and Blooming Felt which look great and not to expensive. There are lots of cool things to do like making 2D pictures or 3D objects like animals etc, you can felt directly onto clothing and use things like cookie cutters to make nice neat shapes. I feel I may be buying a kit soon to add to the many crafts that I already do.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this weeks crafty rant.
see ya'll soon


  1. Ive just started hexipuffing again! I lost my hexipuff mojo back at the beginning of the year! I now have 22... still a long way to go!

  2. I need to look and see if there is a YouTube video on hexipuffing as I've never seen it before and it looks interesting!