Saturday, 7 July 2012

Weekly Update

Hi Friends,

Well it's been a crafty week. I have been busy making lots of presents for people. The fern cowl turned out really well.
As I was using a chunky wool I stopped half way in the lace pattern so that it wouldn't be to long, I was worried when I finished it as it wasn't sitting very nicely but after blocking it's perfect. I am going to give it to the birthday girl today. Very excited.

I have also been working on my niece's birthday present. I was looking for a doll that I could make clothes for so she could play dress up but couldn't find a doll that wasn't hideously expensive or hideously ugly so I got a stuffed animal instead.

So far this cute fox has an evening dress (blue and sparkly one) a cardigan, a skirt and a shoe. I am yet to make the other shoe. I'm pleased with the cardigan as I have been looking for a project to use this cute rainbow yarn in for ages.

I have lots more to make over the next few weeks as I have two more birthdays to make for, Busy busy busy.

Another thing I have been working on this week is my new facebook page Maggie Makes Stuff. I've had all my stock from craft fairs just sitting at home not doing anything so I decided to put them all on a facebook page so everyone can see what I have. I'm looking forward to making a few other bit's and pieces so I'll keep you updated on what's new. Go on take a look, have a browse and don't forget to click like :)

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  1. I'm using Google translator ok.
    Very nice work, you have the plot of this play, it was beautiful.
    I hope your visit to my blog.
    Ana Paula