Saturday, 9 June 2012

Weekly Update

Hello Friends,

I hope you have enjoyed the cloud pattern last week. Devastation has struck this week, I was happily sewing away on my lovely new sewing machine that I got in March when it jammed and the needle snapped, now it will not work at all. I guess that is the problem with fancy computerized sewing machines, the more they can do the more can go wrong with them. So I called the company I bought it from as I have a guarantee and they said they will not insure the machine in transit unless it is in the original packaging (which I do not have)  they offered to sell me the packaging but they don't have it in stock so not I need to arrange my own packaging and courier to take the machine to be fixed. Sigh! moral of the storey, read the small print, keep the packaging.

So just before my machine broke I did manage to whip up a few cool things. I made a reusable sandwich wrap with some oil cloth fabric I had. Here is the tutorial that I found on Pinterest from smashed peas and carrots
Its so very cute, I want to make a whole lunch set in matching fabric.

And since the machine is broken it's been all about the hand sewing. I whipped up this cute little phone cover:

Inspired by a phone cover on pinterest. I think my new phone is soon going to have a better wardrobe than me.

Works in Progress
The hexagon patchwork is coming along very well. I drew up a schematic for how it was all going to be laid out
Then I laid it all out and taped it together:
I have now started sewing together the flower shapes into the rows then sewing the rows together. It's going to be a long process but totally worth it in the end.

I have also started knitting a top by purlbee. I was going to buy some merino yarn to make it but thankfully managed to save myself some money by getting a cotton jumper at a charity shop for 99p and ripping it out, so now I have some lovely cotton yarn to knit with.

Much Love

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