Saturday, 23 June 2012

No Sew Cowl Tutorial

So with the devastation of the broken sewing machine I have been forced to think more creatively about some of my crafting. So here is a tutorial I whipped up for a super easy no sew t-shirt cowl.

  You will need:

2 T-shirts
a large crochet hook (between 5 and 8mm)
1.Take your t-shirts and cut off the bottom edge and cut across under the arms so you have two tubes.

2. Cut out the side seams so you have 4 rectangles of roughly the same size.

3. put all the pieces together lining up the short edges and cuts about 2cm deep and 3cm apart (this does not need to be accurate) on both sides, make sure you have the same number of cuts on both sides

4. Cut a small hole in the middle of each flap

5.Lay two pieces of fabric side by side. Put crochet hook through the bottom hole of the left hand piece of fabric and through the bottom hole of the right hand piece of fabric. Take the loop from the left side and bring it over the right side loop. Pick up the next loop on the left side and bring the right side loop over that.

6. Repeat the process to join the fabrics in a plat effect. Repeat with all of the pieces of fabric and join     in a loop.

This make a very long cowl, it goes around my neck 3 times comfortably, feel free to to amend the pattern to make it shorter if you wish and enjoy.


  1. wow, that's neat! It's so detailed and seems like there was a lot of thought in it!

    I just might dye some of my boyfriend's old white undershirts and do this!

  2. When you got to the end did you cut a tab in half and knot it or finish with another method?