Saturday, 12 May 2012

It's All Been Kicking Off...

Afternoon Crafties!

So as the title suggests, it has certainly been kicking off in craft land. I woke up on Sunday morning to find the poop had finally hit the fan with All Craft Media. Just to fill you in, All Craft Media publish such magazines as Yarn Forward, Sew Hip and Inside Crochet, the latter I used to write patterns for. There had been mumbled complaints of people not getting paid for featured patterns for a while but it is all out in the open now. In a nut shell All Craft Media (formally Kal Media) have not been paying designers, ripping off sock and shawl club members and even selling patterns on to other magazines without giving the designers licence fees. This Ravelry Group has all the info of the current situation and help for designers and employees who have been scammed. All Craft Media have now gone into liquidation. Thankfully I did receive all of the money I was owed from Inside Crochet but there are still many people who have received nothing.If you want to read more there are many blog posts with peoples outrage like this Letter to All Craft Media.

The craft world is such a friendly and inclusive community, it makes me sad that someone has taken advantage of so many nice people.

Anyway, on to more cheery subjects:

Works In Progress
It has been  not a very productive week for the yarn based crafts, The slouchy hat remains untouched and so does the bias blanket. I did however join the trend of Hexipuffing.

Stephanie Dosen, the eccentric genius behind Tiny Owl Knits created The Beekeepers Quilt pattern, Basically you knit lost of tiny, squishy, puffy hexagons from your left over sock yarn, stuff them and stitch them together. It's very addictive. I fully recommend giving her site a roam as she has some amazing patterns, I love her Mr Fox Stole, it's so cute.

The hexagon patchwork is making good progress, not long and I will be stitching together the flower shapes. There is a craft shop/studio near me that I will be gatecrashing soon so that I can use the giant table to lay everything out. exciting!

Crafty Web Stuff
I had to share with you Rachel John's Extreme Textiles I saw her stall at the creative stitches event in Exeter last year. She sells GIANT knitting needles, crochet hooks, Tunisian crochet hooks and much more. I got a pair of 24mm needles and stash busted this rug. To give you some perspective the long edge is about a meter and a half long.
It is so much fun working with these needles as you feel like you are a borrower. I'm looking forward to casting on another stash busting rug soon and have desires for a giant crochet hook of my own.

Well that's me done for another week kids.
See you next Saturday :)

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