Saturday, 5 May 2012

I'm Back!

Greeting Friends,
Please let me start with an apology for my long absence from the world of blogging. I have truly neglected my responsibilities to this blog and I'm sorry. But I'm glad to say that I am back and plan to blog weekly from now on.

So in my absence from blogging I have been up to various crafty antics; I finally finished the long term projected I had been working on. A very cute preppy jacket from Debbie Stoller's, The Happy Hooker
Sorry for the poor image quality, getting a new phone next week which will mean better pictures :) Anyway, very pleased with the jacket, just need to block it and put the pocket lining in and it's wearable. I made it from a lovely teal merino yarn, so soft!

I also finished the marathon task of knitting 20 Hearts:
Again sorry, rubbish camera. I was given a giant sweater that was made for my partners granddad who sadly passed away, and asked what I could do with the yarn from it. Well after an intense sneezy session of frogging the sweater I found this lovely pattern on ravelry that you knit on 3 DPNs so you knit both sides at the same time (saves sewing lots of halves together) I made one heart for every woman in the family. I was so happy they loved them. I had loads of yarn left over so started knitting a bias blanket, but after a traumatic frogging incident this week I'm not ready to talk about that project yet, Sigh!

I also have been lucky enough to finally have a new sewing machine that I got in March so have been doing lots of odd sewing projects and loving it.

Works in Progress
I am the first to admit I have crafty ADHD so always have multiple projects on the go. I'm currently working on:

This knitted slouchy hat from ravelry I am knitting the hearts with noro silk to make a lovely colour change. It's slow progress as I'm not so great at knitting colour work.

The Bias Blanket, as I mentioned, I have fallen out with that project after the frogging incident.

I am also working on a hand sewn hexagon patchwork:
I found a giant box of unfinished patchwork in a vintage shop. Someone had already put loads of hexagons onto cardboard, ready to sew together but never finished it. So I am currently in the process sewing the centres into some of the unfinished flower shapes, then I will be sewing them all together, BY HAND! so glad I have gotten used to sewing with a thimble, my fingers couldn't take it any more! I'm very excited about this project as it is loads of retro fabrics and it's going to look amazing when it's all together.

I have just finished crocheting some bit's for the book and enjoying a renewed excitement for getting it done. Keeping the pictures under wraps at the moment ;)

Crafty Events
The lovely Ruth and Belinda from R&B interactive are working on a beautiful project which you are invited collaborate with.

 For The Recordconversations over knitting. Is a plan to created a wall of hand-knitting and knitter's thoughts; to record a 'made census’ of hand-knitters’ work, resulting in a knitted structure or recordThe bias blocks and tags will be presented as a living document of the knitter's voice. The little blocks will go to create a HUGE structure; as a touring art-piece.When the piece becomes tired of being transported around it will be broken down and the knitted pieces will be sent into the community.

Crafty Web Stuff
I am currently loving Pinterest, its a great way to keep all of those awesome things you love on the web in one place. I use it for keeping notes of crafty tutorial, recipes and products that I like and the great thing is you can see the pins of your friends and other people that Pinterest suggests you might like. It's full of inspiration, I love looking through the front page at what everybody has been pinning, lots of beautiful images to get the creative juices flowing.

I found this circular rug weaving tutorial on Pinterest that I had a go at. My first attempt was an epic fail! When I cut the rug from the hoop I discovered I have woven it to tight and it snapped into a bowl shape instead of a nice flat rug. Ah well, we live and we learn.

Well I hope you have enjoyed catching up with me and I'm looking forward to future posts on a more regular basis.

Much love my craft sweethearts!


  1. It's so awesome to have you back! =)
    Awesome hearts!
    And pinterest is AMAZING... Honestly, I don't know where I would be without it! ;) (Definitly a whole lot less creative!)

  2. Love the jacket. It's been on my wish list for a while. Was it hard to do? Was it worth the effort?

  3. Yeah the pattern was really good. not to hard, the short row shaping is genius. I used Merion yarn so it was really nice to work with.