Saturday, 20 November 2010

Keep Crocheting!

So the Christmas crochet saga continues. I was writing a list of all the presents I need to make then I remembered that the is also 5 birthdays in December not including my own. E'gad! I'm going to need joint replacements in my fingers in January! I am so glad i have discovered the cowl, Its so easy to make and is unisex, Fantastic!

The magazine contacted me yesterday. Although some of my patterns have been moved back i have one or two patterns in the next issue out in December and I get sent a free copy of the issue every time I am in it, gotta love the perks of the job :)

I'm trying to set up an Etsy shop at the moment but making my banner look good is driving me crazy. Any suggestions or help?

I was reading the Woo Work blog today. I love it, every post has a little story of what he has crocheted, its wonderful and definitely worth a read :)

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  1. The banner was a killer for me too, its still not as clear as it should be. Good luck!!