Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Getting there

I knew it would be insane to make my niece's a blanket each for Christmas but by golly did I do it!
I was so glad that I got them done. Its the largest of the projects I had to get done for Christmas. I used the pattern from Angel Fire. Now it's time to get on with the ridiculous amount of cowls I'll be making for everyone.

I had some devastating news yesterday on the way to derby practice. My favorite shop the Pin Tin is closing down :'( they have such a lovely selection of yarn and fabric. I plan to go there on Friday and stock up, and also take advantage of the 20% discount that is on everything until Nov the 30th. It's such a  shame that we are losing yet another haberdashery in Plymouth, earlier this year we lost Derrys due to the recession and it is even sadder that we are losing the Pin Tin because it's an independent store. I hope that the reason the Pin Tin is closing is for something good like moving to a new premises but from the posters in the window it doesn't look like it. There is a new haberdashery opening soon in Plymouth but I'm not holding my breath for quality yarn, i have a feeling that there will be lots of synthetic novelty yarn :s

1 comment:

  1. awesome!
    but i have some dificulties of reading the pattern.
    can u help me?
    what is sk in the pattern?
    and what's the meaning of '3 ch counts as dc' ?
    i still don't get it.
    and last, when the pattern said 2 spaces, does it means that we have to continue in the next 2 chain?
    i'm sorry, i'm a newbie.
    btw, very nice blog. love it.
    thx b4.