Monday, 5 April 2010

Another Shawl Done

After making the shawl for my friends’ birthday I just had to have one for myself so I popped over to the crafty shop and got me some lovely wool, featured in the previous post and here it is.

I’ve worn it constantly since it was done, so proud of it, I’m thinking of making another soon and selling that one.

I’m very excited about a knitting expo coming up on the 17th of April; I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered I had the day off so I could go. I’m hoping to get lots of ideas for new projects, new yarn and advice on becoming a crochet super star. My next plan for crochet superstardom is to bombard the crochet magazines with letters until they publish my work and I can get paid for doing this. I’ve thought about selling patterns on Etsy or Misi but a part of me is just not sure about it. If anybody reading sells on etsy make yourself know and maybe you could turn me around to the idea.

Well my lovelies, I’ll have a new pattern available in a few days, just need to take some pictures and write up the pattern. It’s so cute; I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Anyway, keep reading and be happy xxx


  1. hi maggie!

    I don't sell on etsy but i do buy, i have found it to be a very useful site. If you were to sell anything i'd be the first one there to check out your stuffs!


  2. Hi Maggie.

    i love this shall. i was wondering do you have a sett pattern for it?