Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Banner

Hey Folks,

What do you think of the new banner? It took ages but it was worth it, got my own personal banner now instead of a pic I stole form google images. I made it by typing the words in a really large font in word then pressing print screen and copying into paint so I could I could crop the image. I saved it as a Jpeg then went to this very cool site Knit pro 2.0, it generates a wonderful chart for you. I copied the chart into paint to tidy it up a bit and it worked very well as you can see :) I've used this for a few things and it works pretty well. I also have use it for my boyfriends secret birthday present, shh! Can't tell you about it at the moment as he might read it and it's going to be the best surprize ever.

So payday came and went and I finally got the chance to go to that lovely wool shop across the park The Pin Tin, I got some lovely Hand Dye Effect Sock Yarn that I am currently working into a shawl, the same shawl I did in a previous post Im doing it in purple and green. Should be finished tonight. I can't wait to wear it.

Anyway, I'll be updating again soon,