Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Ahhh Christmas!

Same as last year I have decided not to give "the man" my money and make all the christmas presents, it's been hard work and I'm almost at the end of a very long list of things to make. With having lots of babies around this year my Amigurumi skills have improved, especially thanks to the book that Mike got me. Amigurumi: Super Happy Crochet Cute. I love the dolls in this, they are so detailed and I've learnt alot of great techniques form it.

I discovered a pattern for cabled crochet socks, I thought it was going to destroy me after finishing the first one but they turned out very nice and warm and....long... so I ended up giving them to my brother as he has size 11 feet though the were intended for my gran. I'm not sure if it was me adding too many rows and not following that pattens properly that made them so long though. They did work out to be the most expensive socks in the world as they take about 3 balls of sock wool and it's hard to get cheap sock wool round here.

I joined ravelry recenty and I love checking out all the groups there (link to ravelry in crafty links on the sidebar). I joined the Plymouth group and met a lovely bunch of ladies for an afternoon of knitting and cake, it was wonderful, especially having a rant about crochet and knitting to people who actually know what I'am going on about. I'm also greatful that one of them has attempted to convert me to knitting, I'm looking forward to starting afew knitting projects once all the christmas stuff is out of the way.

Well watch this space because I'll be staring on Amigurumi Link, from Zelda with free pattern soon and a retro brittish classic, morph

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