Sunday, 26 October 2008

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  2. Hey, I m having troubke in R16 I dont have any trouble with sc2 then ch23 then leave 23 but I do have a problem in sc28 its coming 27 plzz help me I did it like a thousand times and tge last round was correct it was 52 , soooo plzzzz help me

  3. Hi, sorry its not working out. If you just increase one stitch before the end of the round to get the number you need it should be fine. I won't make a noticable difference in the shape of the finished doll. Good luck and happy new year xxx Maggie

  4. Hi! Am having problem to understand, do we have to work through the chains for Row 17-46??
    Please help ! want to finish it the right way to perfection. Thank you

  5. Can you tell me please what kind of yarn I need to buy for this pattern?