Saturday, 18 August 2012

Weekly Update

Greetings Friends,

Well this week has flown by. I went to visit some lady friends form university last weekend and had a great time catching up over fine food and cocktails. On the journey I managed to get a few hexipuffs made which brings the total up to 33!

I also picked up some sock yarn from an amazing crafty shop is Salisbury, it has so much fabric and yarn, it was awesome. I’m pleased to have more colours going into the hexipuff collection I think the next colour purchase needs to be some orange or yellow colours.

Well the sewing machine it still at the manufacturers getting fixed, I spoke to them on Tuesday and they said they are waiting for a new motor to put in it, sigh! I haven’t heard anything since Tuesday so I’m hoping some progress has been made. If the machine is not fixable I might request a refund and get a less complicated machine as it is easier to fix and maintain a simpler machine. Sob, I just miss having it so much. When I get it back I just won’t know what to do with myself as I’ve been without it for so long.

So the weather seems to be turning for the worse here so it’s time to think about this years winter hat. I seem to be leaning towards a cloche design, this is the short list so far is:

This very classy cloche with botany inspired detail

I think I will also keep looking and maybe think about designing my own pattern as I would like to incorporate buttons into the design.

And with thinking about winter hats the Christmas make list creeps into the back of my mind…oh the horror!

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