Saturday, 26 May 2012

Weekly Update

Hi Everyone,

Well this week I have been a poorly Maggie with a grim sinus infection, but I am suitably drugged up now and and ready to rock. So ready to rock in fact that I have finally finished the bias blanket after our little set back a few weeks ago.
 So glad that it's done. Its going to be a present for a special someone and I'm thinking of making a patchwork bag to keep it/present it in.

I love the bias block pattern, it's so simple and versatile. The pattern is very easy (knitting) :
          Cast on 3 stitches
          Knit 2, increase 1, knit to end, repeat for every row until black/blanket is desired length
          Knit for 2 rows
          Knit 2, decrease 1, knit to end, repeat till you have 3 stitches left then cast off.

You can use this pattern to knit lots of little blocks and stitch them together or make one huge blanket. It's really easy to figure out how much yarn you'll need if you are doing a big blanket. Just get 2 skeins of yarn, work the pattern until the first skein is nearly done and knit the middle 2 knit rows then attach the 2nd skein for the decrease rows. This pattern is great for baby blankets as the edges are so stretchy there is no hard cast on or cast off edge that will rub on the baby.

 Works in Progress
So with the bias blanket done my attention has turned to getting some work done on the hexagon patchwork. This weekend I hope to get all of the flower shapes completed so I can start a plan of how they will look all together. I hope for next week to have some photos to show you of the planning process.

Crafty Web Stuff
This week the discussion on twitter has been about the Ravelympics. For those of you who are currently thinking "huh?" I shall explain. Every Olympic year ravelry hold the Ravelympics. Various groups on raverly become teams competing and yarn based crafty Events. I am competing in Team Cold Sheep, a group dedicated to stash busting and I am entering synchronised stash busting with my giant knitting needles. There are loads of events, all with witty names. I loved the sound of it last Olympic year and has to be a part of it this year.

I also wanted to have a bit of a gush about June Gilbank, she is my crochet hero and creator of Planet June. I look up to June as she is an incredibly hard working independent designer. She has many patterns and written a book called the complete idiots guide to amigurumi. She has made many amazing things, this is one of my favourites as I am a Terry Pratchett fan:
But the thing that I think is most awesome about June's work is her tutorials. Most recent of which is the invisible increase and my favourite the seamless join in amigurumi. Many people come into the world of craft but few innovate and share. Thank you June!

Well enough of my crafty girl crush. I've got work to do.

Happy Crafting My Lovelies

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