Thursday, 11 November 2010


Hello there,

Exciting news! I am currently working with the lovely Jen Brookman, graphic designer, to make a lovely new logo for the blog and the future crochet ninja enterprise. It's very exciting, so far the logo does feature both a ninja and crochet hooks, very freaking awesome!

This is in preparation for my new years resolution:

Get on with plan for crochet domination!
This plan can be broken down into a few steps
  1. Join Etsy and start selling
  2. Start writing patterns for Book
  3. Start selling at Local craft fairs
  4. Ridiculous amount of self promotion
I can't wait to see my logo on my business card and on the blog banner, it's the first little steps in doing what I love full time, well thats the dream anyway. Get out of the call centre and start working for myself. If only someone could give my an £18k a year salary to play with wool, that would be very nice.

Well back on to the wool ranting.

I am loving chunky yarn at the moment, so soft and quick to work up. I have improved on the Kitty hooded scarf design for Christmas, so soon there will be a beginner and and intermediate design for y'all. I am dragging my feet a little with the Crochet Christmas presents, need to get a move on as there is no way I am putting Christmas on the credit card again.

I'll get some pictures taken of the presents so far for a Christmas Craft Showcase :)


  1. If you sell a book I think I would buy it.
    I just recently found this blog and was looking through your patterns a couple of days ago and they seem really like fun designs. So I could certainly see buying a book that you come up with.

    Even if I'd have to import it into Canada.