Monday, 10 May 2010

Hand Made Hook, yay!

Hello friends,

Check out what I’ve been up to. I made my own crochet hook!

Recently one of my lovely Brittany hooks snapped in my bag, sad times :(

I spent ages looking for a replacement and I have always been interested in making my own hooks and when I found a scabby old stick outside my house I thought it must be a sign. I found a few tutorials online from Craftster and eHow and thought I would give it a go. I started with scraping off all of the yucky bits like bark and bumps with a Stanley knife and shaped the tip into a rough point. I then drew with a pencil where I wanted to hook part to be cut and started working the shape with the Stanley knife. I used a nail file to make the groove deeper and then went to town with the sand paper and did a lot of the shaping of the tip with that.

 After going through 3 different grades of sand paper I then rubbed the hook with a candle to give it a nice shiny finish and used the heat from my hands to smooth it into the wood.

Then I tried it out and this is what I made for my friend Sam

I hope you like my new hook, I'm hoping to make more, I think a small saw and a sharper knife will help lots.


  1. So cute. I love your new hook. It has character and definitely not like the cookie cutter types you find in the store.

  2. very creative hook! I love the headband and flower do you sell them

    the Buzz

  3. This is such a neat thing you've done! I don't know why I never thought about making my own crochet hook, but I would love to now that I've seen yours. Yours came out so nice. Great job.

    You've inspired me to try something I wouldn't have on my own. Thank you. I'm going to post a link to this on my blog.

    Please stop by and look around.

  4. Your crochet hook is fabulous! Some people are doers and others dream about doing things! I'm sure you have inspired many to try this on their wonderful! Thanks to Pammy Sue for turning me on to your blog! It's great...

  5. I heard about your handmade crochet hook over on Pammy Sue's blog and I just had to come and have a look. Wow! I really like it! It is so unique and it looks so perfectly shaped on the 'hook' end. Fantastic job!

  6. Wow! That hook is awesome. I didn't know you could just make them out of a stanley knife & wood. I am going to for sure check this out online now. I am so excited to make one ^_^!

  7. amazing! that is so cool making your own crochet hook!

  8. love the hook, my glen use to make them for me,, they are so much better, yours is really cute.