Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Craft in the City (a more purdish version of the tv show)

Well I am totally gutted that I couldn’t make it to the knitting expo in Exeter, being poor sucks, but I hope there will be another one soon, and the one I will go to will be bigger and better just to make up for my absence, yeah!

Me and the boyfriend went for a walk around the Barbican and Hoe in Plymouth today and I discovered a tea room with the cutest knitted and crocheted cakes in the window, (PS there is a place on the barbican that will mix any flavour of your choice into frozen yoghurt, I had cherry and blueberry, yum, yet to ask for peanut butter and Lego)

I can’t help it, I love kitsch. Poor Shaun and the people in the tea room thought I was a bit crazy taking a picture through the window.

I also saw this a few months ago and forgot to post it,

It’s a 1000ft scarf knitted for sports relief. I don’t know what is sporty about knitting but the effort is amazing and it really stopped me in my tacks when I saw it.

And here is a sneaky peak at the next free pattern, I hope you like him....
Shaun went crazy for him and we are planning to take lots of silly pictures of him devastating the country side

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