Friday, 5 March 2010

Lovely Warm Snail

So this is my slightly confused snail wearing his shell warmer. He's got an odd shaped shell so it was kinda hard to work around it but he is pretty cute wearing it. I don't think it will be a regular part of his wardrobe as he'll just end up getting it all slimey but it is fun to dress him up.

This is what he looks like without the shell warmer. He's a giant African land snail called Tarquin and he's about a year old. Unfortunatly African land snails are illegal in America because they breed like wild fire but he's ok in the UK yay!

Well I hope you guys enjoy my cute little giant slimey snail he's on facebook as Tarquin Vassie if you want to be friends with him, ok now I sound worse than a crazy cat lady....


  1. Nice hat, and very cute snail! I love snails - we kept some ordinary garden ones for a while so my son could get a caring for pets badge for Beavers (even though we have two cats and three mice he could have looked after!).

  2. OK, this now tops the cutest blog post I've ever seen, yesterday I saw a cute post on someones blog, which was still cute, but you just one upped them with your awesome snail!! Your blog rocks. I'm hooked.