Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hoodie, DONE!

Sucsess, I have finally finished knitting that hoodie and now I realise why it took so long. It’s flipping MASSIVE! Though massive is good because it’s very cosy and comfortable for lazing about the house. So this means I am free to get on with writing a few more patterns but firstly I have to have a little rant about how amazing my boyfriend is.

He’s been so supportive and really enthusiastic about me following my dreams, he’s planning to build some shelves for me to put all my wool on and he’s taking me wool shopping so I can get on with a few projects that I have in mind. I’m so glad he’s helping me because it’s great to come home and show him all the new ideas I have and someone who understands all the work that I’ve been doing. Thank you so much Shaun, I love you.

Sorry if you just got visual diabetes from reading that, I know that can be a bit to sweet for some people, he he

Well I have a few great patterns lined up, Monsters, rockabilly dolls and other cute stuff. I really can’t wait to get started on it, keep your eyes on this space for the next pattern.

PS it's snowing in Plymouth, yay!

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  1. Didn't make me sick at all...nice to hear as a matter of fact..for a nice change..the rockabilly doll sounds interesting ..You Go Girl!! :-)