Thursday, 16 October 2008

I want.....

Through randomly trawling through the net I found a few funky crochet bits and pieces,
Note: If you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, pay attention...
OK first up is The Clover Crochet Lite,
this is for hard core hookers who likes to do it in the dark, lol, as you can guess, the tip of the hook lights up so you can see what your doing if your working in dim light or with dark wool, I just want it for the novelty value (and that would be a 3mm hook you'll be getting me for Xmas, he he).

OK now this one is a bit expensive and I could never justify spending £24.99 on one hook ( and that doesn't even include shipping) but it is beautiful none the less:
They are so pretty but you'd never want to use it in case you damaged it, they also do lovely Double Pointed Knitting Needles which my friend Clare covets.

Now this is something that I don't have to beg for because I can make it myself,
its a crochet hook and a key chain, very handy for knitters on the go, for picking up that dreaded dropped stitch, or just whipping up a beenie hat while you're waiting in line somewhere. Gonna get on this in the next few days I think.

And last but not least some weird wool
This is Banana Silk yarn, it sounds so delightfully weird that I have to give it a go and at around £6 for 200g its not a bad price.

Right, I've got to get ready for work

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